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If you’re looking for a search engine marketing agency in Brisbane that is obsessed with return on ad spend (RoAS) then True might be for you.

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There are more search engines than you think.

Ads management is what we do

Google processes over 40,000 search queries per second. That’s an overwhelming number of opportunities for your brand’s name to be seen by consumers through targeted search engine marketing (SEM).

True specialises in PPC ad management for brands looking to target not only Brisbane, but the world! If your product or service is ready for the world, global reach is possible.
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Making your SEM, S-E-X-Y.

SEM-sational, it’s more than just Google

If your current SEM strategy (or plans for one) involves sinking your entire budget into Google search Ads, we get it. After all, they dominate about 88% of the current search engine market share. However, you’d be closing yourself off to the wealth of opportunities that the rest of the market provides.
Another tactic is to ensure your search engine marketing agency in Brisbane also does SEO because it’s a fact that Google does not show you 100% of the words you can bid on.
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Growth hack.

Most marketers don’t realise that Google can bundle search into audience buckets. These buckets can be pre-built by Google or you can build them yourself. Cross-reference your analytics and existing audience buckets to highly target your search engine marketing and generate exponential RoAS (return on ad spend).

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this sem compay helps brands navigate an ever changing world

True or false?

true is an sem company that understands the ins and outs of the digital world

YouTube is the world’s 2nd biggest search engine.

as an sem company we reach the right people with the right platform

50% of all Google searches come from mobile devices.

Turning SEM into ROI.


CPA reduction.


increase dwell time.


CPA reduction.


website traffic.

To know SEM and PPC you need to know SEO

SEM is not just about PPC it’s also about SEO. SEO is the organic optimisation of keywords to boost your search engine rankings. Once you’ve honed in on those organic keywords, that data helps inform your SEM paid campaigns. Read more …

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80% of people claim they're likely to click on the first set of results.

To Brisbane and beyond

In 2013, Google released the Hummingbird algorithm, which placed heavy importance on related and interconnected content, and rewarded the pages that met this standard. This means search engines are favouring a more human experience and giving consumers more contextual information to keep them on the platform longer. With this in mind, it’s vital that we’re creating meaningful SEM strategies that tell your authentic business story.

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SEM-thing to ask?

I'm still lost…what is search engine marketing?

We get it – enough acronyms already! Search engine marketing (SEM) is any marketing strategy used to increase the visibility of your website, and in turn, gain exposure to new potential customers. This can include strategies such as Pay-per-click, Search Engine Optimisation, Google Shopping and Google Images.

Why do I need SEM?

Think of SEO and SEM as best friends. When you first start out, you could hire a Brisbane search engine marketing agency to help you with SEO – optimising your keywords to boost your Google ranking. That’s the first step, but as it’s purely organic reach, it’ll only get you so far in the beginning. More often than not, SEO takes time.

Now, imagine if your business was able to secure a guaranteed first position result. That is where SEM comes in. Paid search advertising, when it’s well planned, can move your company into the first position as an ad. PPC ads management in Brisbane for all types of businesses big and small, can accelerate your growth by buying high ranking positions while SEO builds momentum organically. PPC ads management is that extra boost that takes you from improving your exposure to getting seen at the top in paid and organic results.

Why choose True?

We’re an experienced Brisbane PPC ads management agency that prides itself on a personalised service that guarantees improved results on current rankings. We’re not about the fluff or jargon, and we don’t waste your time. We start with learning your business, then develop the best strategy to get the results you need.

How much does a Brisbane SEM agency cost?

As part of our PPC Ads Management Brisbane package, our services include tracking of spend and performance. Our Search Marketing team will help you optimise conversion rates, CPA, ROI, ABC, 123, do-re-mi…you get the gist. And with this we can build a fee to suit your needs either a fixed rate or a percentage of your media spend.

What metrics do we use in creating a PPC management plan?

There are a few metrics to consider, like clicks (we hope you got that one already) , click-through rate, cost per click, conversion rate, cost per acquisition, bounce rate, average session duration and cost per lead. We’ll define which is best for your Brisbane Search Engine Marketing strategy.

Do I need PPC ads management with SEO

Depending on your marketing strategy (which we will help define) you may require just PPC or a joint PPC & SEO strategy. SEO combined with PPC, helps you reduce your overall pay per click budget as SEO ranks your organically reducing your reliance on paid ads.

as a digital strategy agency, we thrive on reaching unique audiences

Keen to learn more?

If you’d like to hear more about how an SEO and PPC strategy can accelerate your business through a complete SEM plan (we hope that's not too many abbreviations), we’re the Brisbane search engine marketing agency you’ve been looking for. Let’s catch up.