A full service integrated advertising agency that tells you to stop making ads?

Consumer study after consumer study shows that people don’t like advertising. But there’s more to it.

When ads are contextually relevant, aren’t misleading and have a fair value exchange with potential consumers, people not only like advertising, they begin to use it in their everyday vernacular, repurpose the visuals or taglines as inspiration and most importantly, when it is done right, they take action.

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Eric Stephens talks value exchange.

Our approach to advertising creative.

Our approach starts with a deep understanding of the brand, the objective or business ambition and the consumer. We find that the best advertising creative never feels like an ad.

It is a narrative that connects using human traits like desire, inspiration and humour. With that, it must also creatively weave in unique selling points and a reason to believe or take action. Stop making ads. Start connecting with messages that have a fair exchange of value for interrupting the user experience.

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Crazy-powerful stories at work.

Brands we’ve helped grow.

Smart thinking. Fast acting.

Not only has today’s customer journey evolved, so too has the brand journey. Smaller marketing teams, tighter budgets and speed to market is the new normal in brand land. We have a history of solving these challenges for some of the bigger brands in Australia with a bespoke methodology that focuses on strategy, proof and creativity across digital, social and traditional mediums.

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Brand strategy and identity.

Creating brands from the ground up that truly stand out and live up to their brand promises is a cornerstone to future growth. Strategy, research and positioning and identity is core to our brand development offering.

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Website design and development.

Every brand must have a destination for consumers that allows it to tell a more robust story than their advertising can deliver. It doesn’t matter if it exists for conversion or as an extension of the brand, the site experience users have is at the centre of successful brand growth.

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Digital and social creative.

Our approach for digital creative is aligned to the user experience and the environment they’re in. The key is to capture their attention and offer a value exchange for the interruption.

Social Media is where the lines have been blurred. Is it a paid campaign or is it boosted organic? Does it matter when both the advertising messages need to be highly relevant to the platform? The answer is yes and no.

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TVC and Catch-up TV.

Creating for television. Same, same, but different. The global pandemic taught advertisers that television advertising is beginning to look a bit like social media content and you know what, it’s all good.

Once the realm of only high production values, television is now a medium where you can be both high-end and UGC-like. Authenticity and a value exchange with the viewer is the key no matter what your production values are like.

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Out of home.

Out of home advertising has come a long way. It is now more measurable and plannable than ever before. When you combine those elements with strong creative, you have a medium that not only increases brand awareness, but is highly engaging and memorable. The trick to OOH is to be tight with your messaging and let the visuals do the work.

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Clarendon Homes, Radio ad, Summer of Free.
Petbarn, Radio ad, Petbarn Mackay promo.

Radio and audio.

Radio is no longer something we only listen to at work or in the car. Podcasts and streaming are now in the mix.

The challenge with this type of fragmentation is getting the messaging right in multiple formats and environments. Similar to social media or digital, your first job is attention. Once you have it, begin to weave in your reasons to believe or call to actions. The benefits of audio creative is that the audience gets to decide what picture you are painting in their own mind based on the pictureless story you create.

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Stop creating ads. Create stories.

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