Programmatic marketing. Maximise impact, minimise spend.

Programmatic has a bad rep. Businesses hear the average click-through rate is 0.5%. And that’s true, if you don’t have a plan.

Until recently, there was no strategy behind display. It was used for the same reason television ads would be produced – a broad, top-of-funnel approach. If there’s one thing you should know, it’s that digital marketing campaigns applied with traditional advertising thinking are VERY rarely going to succeed.

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Search engines?
There are more than you think.

Programmatic partnerships.

Truth be told, programmatic advertising can be one of the fastest and most cost-effective elements of your digital marketing mix. No, really. If you don’t believe us, in Australia in 2021, programmatic is 70% of all digital advertising spend. Yeah, we weren’t kidding.

The capabilities of display advertising are immense. And with True’s partnerships including Google, Bing, NewsCorp, Fairfax, Ninemsn, Foxtel, Amazon and Spotify (to name a few), your brand has the potential to be seen in lucrative places.

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Programmatic and DCO, a True partnership.

Leveraging our partners’ abilities and utilising tactics like dynamic creative optimisation (DCO), we are able to test hundreds, even thousands of variations of ads. This creates highly customised experiences for your audience, which in turn makes the likelihood of achieving your conversion goals higher. Not a lot of agencies have this capability.

Growth hack.

Don’t underestimate the power of mobile marketing. With its flexibility in features such as cookieless tracking/targeting, you’re able to reach consumers while they are in transit and in-app/in-game.

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Client growth on display.


CPA reduction.


increase dwell time.


CPA reduction.

Programmatic reaches anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Need to specifically target people who purchased dog collars on Amazon? No problem. How about males aged 18-30 with an iPhone who live within 5km of a gym? Easy. No matter who your audience is, whether it’s broad or niche, programmatic will be able to get their eyes onto your brand.

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The life of the

If you’ve kept an ear to the ground in the digital space, you’ve probably heard third-party cookies will be phased out by 2022. This has created a paradigm shift into collecting first-party data, or data sourced by your own platforms.

While third-party data still has a huge part to play in True’s execution of programmatic, it’s our implementation of your first-party data that will lead your digital campaign towards success, as this is the truest reflection of your audience. With our help, you can maximise the full potential of your hard-earned data.

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Programmatic ad revenues now account for 80% of all digital display advertising dollars.

2018 IAB Internet Advertising Report

While the potential of programmatic advertising is undeniable, it’s important that you’re measuring (and holding us accountable to) the right KPIs. Those that are reflective of your business ambition. If brand awareness is your end goal, having a low CPM and CPC is excellent. But if you’re after sales and conversions, this is obviously not good enough.

That’s where one of our favourite ‘A’ words comes into play: Attribution. If there’s one thing you should know about True, it’s that attribution is our bread and butter. By correctly attributing which display ads are maximising your ROI, we are able to limit wastage on your marketing budget and effectively optimise for the best results. Better yet, we’re able to take valuable learnings from this campaign and apply this to your future advertisements. It’s all about that growth.

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Here’s a little display-by-play.

We know you’re pretty confident in who your target demographic is. But there may come a time in the near future when you want to expand your horizons. Reach more people. The question you ask yourself is: “Where would I even begin?” The answer lies in second and third-party data. Using this information, we are able to expand on all your hard-earned first-party data, using those insights to make educated decisions on which second and third-party data we want to access and apply to your advertising. This will help grow your existing audience and potentially open your brand up to new ones.

The most strategic programmatic advertisements with the perfect media placements won’t mean a thing if you don’t have creative that resonates. It’s vital that both the creative and digital aspects of your ads are working in synchronisation with each other. We have a belief at True that digital media planning and execution, including programmatic, should never be separated from creative, whether that’s with internal teams or via your agency partners. With True being a full-service agency, we see the efficiencies that combining digital media with digital creative can accomplish. There have been instances where we’ve optimised creative in almost real time. With one point of contact and multiple teams working to the same business ambition, efficiency is almost a given.

With real time results and bidding via our open market, True’s clients enjoy complete transparency and advanced features only a handful of agencies in Australia have. As well as the aforementioned DCO, your campaign will also have the ability to target IP, narrow postcodes to contextual keywords and split test video. Features such as these will help accelerate your brand’s growth by optimising your hardest-working ads and pushing those to the forefront of your campaign.

While the open exchange is a level playing field for all advertisers, there is another avenue to getting your ads seen in highly sought-after places. The private route. Using our existing partnerships, True is able to create private deals with highly engaged publishers. The programmatic mix now extends beyond just traditional display. It includes extended video inventory, programmatic TV, audio and even billboards. Securing these desirable placements for your brand will increase its exposure and grow your brand awareness while also being cost-effective.

Too much of a good thing. Brand fatigue. Whatever you want to call it; it exists. When consumers lay their eyes on your ads one too many times, they’re more inclined to lose interest in your brand. That’s what frequency capping is here for. Frequency capping allows you to limit the amount of times your ad is seen per day (or during an allotted time period). Capping your frequency will help you maintain a positive brand image and a better click-through and conversion rate.

Programmatic marketing uses automated, real-time bidding and placement platforms to buy and sell digital ads that run ads across a variety of channels to targeted audiences. So who should use Programmatic Marketing? Programmatic marketing can be used effectively by small, medium or large businesses that are looking to reach and speak to a relevant and highly targeted audience.

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