Conceptualisation / Content Creation / Illustration / Video Creation

The goal we had to kick.

Personalisation and driving trial were at the heart of this campaign. Adidas miTeam was a new global initiative that allowed people to customise their team’s kit from jerseys to shorts to hats.

It can take a lot for a big brand name such as Adidas to put trust in outside companies when it comes to their brand logo and identities. But they trusted True to launch this instructional campaign that empowered participants to customise kits, and we accepted the challenge! As if we wouldn’t!

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We gained their trust through our solid (if controversial) concept of utilising and personifying the famous Adidas ‘I’ by developing multiple long format videos supporting the miTeam brand. These not only highlighted the miTeam brand experience but increased consumer engagement.

adidas miTeam.

From concept through to execution, we used Adidas’ iconic ‘I’ to connect with customers around the world. We needed to remove any barriers to trial and show people that this kit-designing tool was fun, simple and easy to use.

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Meet the characters.

We created a suite of characters from the Adidas ‘I’, from coaches and basketball players to a classic soccer mum (go team!) and a child. These simple, graphic and friendly characters grinned, winked and charmed people as the miTeam tool was explained.

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