Clarendon Homes

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Building a home builder’s brand.

One of NSW’s largest and most respected home builders wanted to increase sales by re-imagining their brand and customer experiences.

Their Display Centres were where people could walk through homes and imagine their futures, so our remit was to drive traffic there. As their business grew, so did the number of Display Centres, to 11 across NSW including the Super Centre at Parklea with 13 homes in one location. In 6 years, we helped to drive over 214,000 people to Clarendon’s Display Centres.

Direct ROI: $117 to $1

*Based on assumed average sale price of $900,000/Home & Land Package.

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Inspiration in every touchpoint

True took on the challenge with enthusiasm, working with Clarendon for over 6 years on every brand and seasonal campaign, going above and beyond to make the impossible, possible.

In this time, True worked across all departments, not just the Clarendon marketing team, creating both internal corporate and consumer communication. True brought the passion to every square metre of every single and double storey home (and granny flats too).

Targeted cinema campaign

Peter Campbell, Clarendon’s owner, brought his personal home building philosophy (and his voice) to a localised cinema campaign designed to inspire families to make their own memories and moments in a Clarendon home.

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Clarendon’s image library

With inspired photography, art direction, styling and retouching, we helped to bring Clarendon’s display homes to life. Images captured a real moment in time, as if the owner had just stepped out of their new designer home, while the coffee was brewing or the wine was breathing.

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Advertising with a smile

Home building can be daunting. True transformed Clarendon’s advertising with a relaxed and conversational tone of voice, clear layouts and breathtaking images. Playful headlines and subheads invited people into Clarendon’s world in a unique and fresh way. Radio campaigns with a distinctive female voice cut through the clutter with a winning combination of charm, quirk and facts.

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Product books

One of the most important selling tools for a home builder is their beautiful product books. True helped Clarendon create comprehensive and super detail-oriented single and double storey collection product books with a dose of passion on every page.

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The Summer of Free Promotion

This annual campaign broke waves to become Clarendon’s most successful promotion to date. Rolling out in 11 Display Centres across NSW, True created the promotion name and theme, then executed all messaging from distinctive radio campaigns to Display Centre collateral.

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The Summer of Free Radio.

Argyle Collection

Over the years, Clarendon challenged True to create identities for many of their subbrands within the Clarendon Homes brand. The Argyle Collection is Clarendon’s luxury home series, spearheaded by the architecturally designed Mosman 56.

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High Grove at Box Hill

This luxury home development in Sydney’s Hills District required both full-service creative and direct response lead generation.

True delivered both all under one roof. We began by researching the area, potential buyers and the High Grove product offering. Through research and strategy, we facilitated discovery sessions, created audience definition, audience motivation and then helped to communicate the ‘fixed price, all-inclusive’ offering.

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