Vlogging campaign

We cast a vlogging couple to take us on the journey and created a series of 15 second micro-stories that mimicked native vlogging content across key consumer usage occasions. These were supported with static imagery shot on iPhones so they looked like content consumers encounter on social platforms.

24% increase
in sales YoY

4,254,067 total unique reach 
4,811,977 video views to 100%  
5,244,442 total engagements 
84.2% lift in ad recall 

Digital Amplification

We amplified the content across native vlogging social platforms and YouTube. We added a tactical buy across premium pre-roll, which was primarily Catch Up TV. Using sequential targeting to re-target people engaging with the content, people saw an average of four usage occasions.


Organic social

Keeping the conversation going across social platforms has deepened engagement with consumers and educated on a broader range of usage occasions. Fact: Hydralyte is not just for hangovers. There’s sweaty exercise on a hot day. Pregnant Mums could benefit from some fast-acting electrolytes too. Kids and the elderly are also more prone to dehydration. Our social content showcased opportunities for Hydralyte usage across all ages and stages of life and people actively engaged with the content, with 1,736 comments (80% positive or neutral) and 1,137 tagged friends.