Luna Park

Halloscream highlights

Each year, our video creative has re-imagined Halloscream with strong storytelling techniques. For Halloscream 4, a Vincent Price style narrator brought thriller-esque vibes to the campaign. For Halloscream 5, we took inspiration from classic horror movie trailers (from flutter cut edits to a deep-voiced narrator). For Halloscream 6, we used a carnival spruiker (think the Joker meets Pennywise the Clown) to beckon us in.
Halloscream 4 Return of the Forgotten Funfair
$221k in ticket sales
8.4:1 ROI on Facebook
Halloscream 5 Revenge of the Forgotten Funfair
$290k in ticket sales
66% of all tickets sold online
Halloscream 6 The Rise of the Cursed Carnival
130k plus organic YouTube views
291 Instagram posts with over 25k likes

Halloscream 4, 5 & 6

With a strong focus on spooky, wow-factor video creative, we drove awareness and captured people engaging with the videos to follow up with a sales message using sequential targeting. Understanding that the majority of ticket sales happen closer to the event, activity was flighted to prospect and capture audiences early on, to retarget later and drive to buy online.