• Conceptualisation
  • Multi-Channel Integration
  • Social Strategy & Content
  • Collateral
  • Gift Guide
  • POS
  • Retail Promotion
  • National Donation Drive

How do you drive traffic and donations (and get tails wagging)?

It’s a jungle out there in pet retailing. With fierce competition from online retailers, Petbarn needed to create a seamless instore and online experience. They challenged True to create a multi-channel integrated campaign for the Christmas period. This meant driving customers instore, engaging them on social and inspiring them to get behind Petbarn’s annual Tree of Hope Appeal.

$3.7 million YoY increase in sales

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You own happiness

With the insight that pets bring happiness (and giving also brings happiness), we launched the Happiness Season across 156 Petbarn stores and 178 Greencross Vets. Read more …

Happiness Season campaign.

With Team Happiness at the helm (our ambassadors Joy, Love and Hope), we delivered Petbarn’s POS and in-store collateral, anchored with an in-store prize promotion. We created an inspired gift guide, then kicked off a social content calendar that dazzled with daily prize giveaways and innovative traffic-driving posts.

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True worked with photographer Andrew Goldie over two days to create themed and textured pages of seasonal pet fashion and gifts. We shot on location in a home that gave us lush summer vibes and allowed for sunset beach walks and backyard feasts. In parallel, we set up a mobile ‘studio’ on location to capture even more. With an eye to social content, we also captured behind the scenes and created stop-motion videos on the shoot.
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We kicked off our social content calendar with a Happiness Season Giveaway (31 days of prizes counting down to Christmas) and traffic-driving posts that included GIFs, cinemagraphs, stop-motion videos, short form and long form videos, behind the scenes videos and more. Read more …