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Shaking up the snack food category.

Pladis is one of the world’s leading snacking companies and home to some well loved snacking brands, including McVitie’s. In Australia, McVitie’s was seen as a challenger brand in a mature category. We needed to establish them as more than just Digestives to main grocery buyers.

Digital-only reach of nearly 4 million people.

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National launch campaign

The challenge was to launch the brand into Australia as efficiently as possible. The solution was a digital, social and tactical assault on the taste buds of Australia with 15 second product-focused video ads that brought the attitude, and introduced both the McVitie’s brand and FLIPZ into hungry snackers’ social feeds, as well as YouTube and Catch-up TV.

2 million video views to 100%

Organic social

Our organic social strategy was simple, show the yin and yang of the product through recipes and consumption moments. Each McVitie’s product has a sweet and salty side, so leaning into that unique combo gave us unlimited options for content and helped make them a social success.

95.6% positive and neutral sentiment. 546,368 meaningful engagements.

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