Pladis McVitie’s

Introducing ‘swalty’ – and gnarly tricks

FLIPZ has a sweet/salty taste combo that could only be called, well, swalty. So we owned the word and took it the people with in-your-face mouthwatering product-focused ads. We then extended the campaign with adrenaline-packed social with parkour pros, skaters and cliff jumpers flipping for FLIPZ.

Asset creation

We partnered with the finest 3D artists in the business to create all the chocolate, salt, biscuit and pretzel awesomeness that we could show. Heroic chocolate pours, slo-mo pretzels and milk chocolate digestives falling through frame… you name it, we brought this McVitie’s yumminess into its own.

Tactical social

When do people reach for McVitie’s? We created tactical digital executions to run in times when people crave it the most – such as binge watching new shows, watching sport, going to the movies or needing an afternoon chocolate hit.

Organic social

Snack-craving young guys are a key target market for FLIPZ. Hello skateboarders, parkour experts and clifftop flippers. We enlisted influencers in this space and then boosted these death-defying organic posts to further help get FLIPZ into the hands of those who need that swalty snack the most. On top of this, we created mouthwatering recipe inspo including a FLIPZ Mega Shake that got some viral traction. We also re-imagined Digestives and Jaffa Cakes into recipes that helped dimensionalise their role in the kitchen.