The Color Run

Digital Acquisition Strategy / Paid Social / SEM

Creating happiness again and again.

The ‘Happiest 5K on the planet’ needed to sell tickets (5,968 tickets across four cities in fact) whilst also driving mass awareness and inspiring people to attend this fun running event again and again, when it was typically seen as a one-off bucket list activity. We needed to ensure that ticket sales targets were met nationally as well as in New Zealand.

$12 for every $1 spent.

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Personalise and drive action!

The opportunity was to bring people back again with something new and ‘dreamy’. We created a campaign focused on enticing past and new potential participants to take action, using engaging image and video formats across social media anchored with Google Search. The campaign promoted the Dream theme, a world where anything is possible, unicorns are real and foam clouds make everything better!

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We maxed out ROI! Through strong creative and personalised messaging amplified and optimised across Facebook and Google Search. For the Color Run’s Dream Tour events in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Townsville, the campaign reached an estimated 1 million people and sold 7,764 tickets.

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International success

Each campaign for each event in every city had positive ROI and met or exceeded ticket sales targets.

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