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Search. Engine. Optimisation. Three words that have become a staple in the digital marketing vocabulary; and for good reason. Read more ...

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Complex marketing goals
require complex SEO.

The decision on executing an enterprise SEO (eSEO) strategy predominantly hinges on one thing – size. We’re not JUST talking about company size. We’re also referring to your volume of website traffic, your turnover, the number of products you sell and the size of your market. A company selling one product globally with 100,000 site visitors a month would need Enterprise SEO Agency. So too would one that sold a million products, but only in a 20km radius. Read more …

Growth hack.

Tactics such as voice, video & image SEO, semantic SEO and keyword intent will help keep your audience’s eyeballs on your brand and not your competitors.

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The six steps of SEO.

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Six steps to SEO excellence.

1. Identify goals and USP.

Your Enterprise SEO goals go deeper than being #1 on Google. First things first, the important questions. What sets you apart from your competitors? What is the ideal outcome of your SEO strategy? Is it lead generation? Building your CRM database? Having these thoughts top-of-mind allows us to create tangible milestones for your SEO campaign and keeps us accountable.

2. Audit your site and competitors.

You don’t know where you need to be, if you don’t know where you are. An audit allows you to identify gaps that your competitors haven’t noticed yet, then fill them using SEO tactics. Likewise, it allows you to see exactly what your competitors are doing so you can improve on their strategy and outrank them.

3. Build a 12-month plan.

Due to indexing, constant algorithm changes and high SEO activity from the market in general, you need sufficient time and data to make the best decisions. A concise 12-month plan allows you to roll out effective tactics and tweak them accordingly. After about 60 days, we start to see results and use these insights to make the smartest adjustments to your campaign.

4. Create better or different content.

SEO encourages a search engine to see your most relevant content. In order to climb the ranks, you need content that not only engages your consumer, but also closely matches their search query. Put the customer experience first to increase your authority, both page and domain.

5. Execute technical, onsite and offsite.

Once all the pieces are in place, it’s time to execute. Now we begin changing content to reflect your SEO strategy over the next 12 months. We’ll collaboratively decide on the best way to undergo these changes to maximise growth and traffic.

6. Review, optimise, repeat.

Simply put, things change. Algorithms, protocols, other external factors. This means our tactics may be adjusted along the way according to what we believe will achieve our Enterprise SEO goals. Consistent reviews and tweaks ensure we’re taking every opportunity to maximise the chance of conversion.


Enterprise SEO: the long-term game for long-term growth.

Get in the know with SEO.

SEO is dead, long live SEO.

Or so they say. Our belief is that it’s well and truly alive, it’s just evolving. In fact, so long as the internet lives, SEO will always be a viable and powerful marketing tactic in digital media. With search engines constantly updating their algorithms and ranking factors, it is simply a matter of being one step ahead of your competitors and how fast you can adapt.

Ten years ago, the mindset was to litter your pages with keywords in the hopes that search engines will rank you higher. However, as search engines continue to better understand search intent and place more value on relevance, having a deeper knowledge of what your audience wants is essential.

Don’t forget YouTube.

You may not immediately think of YouTube as a search engine. However, it’s the second largest search engine in the world. We know that video rules supreme in the content world. If you’re not convinced, HubSpot claims that 45% of marketers are investing more in YouTube than any other marketing channel available to them. The true key to winning in this space is optimising your videos with SEO tactics.

Including closed captions on your videos so they’re crawlable on search engines, creating playlists of relevant content, placing your keyword in your video file name. Implementing tiny changes like these can help maximise your likelihood of being seen on search engines.

It’s just semantics.

Don’t be fooled. Semantics is everything when it comes to SEO. Semantics could be the difference between converting a customer, or losing their business to your competitor. Semantic SEO goes beyond just the search query and is about uncovering what the consumer wants most.

For example, the phrase “How do I buy red shoes?” has a completely different answer compared to “What do I do with red shoes?”. Both of these searches require different SEO strategies. Keeping the desired action you want your customers to take is how we decide which semantics to pursue.

One big SEO family.

The digital marketing landscape changes at a rate faster than traditional advertising. In the game of SEO, those who are most agile will reap the rewards. Pleasing different internal departments can be your own worst enemy in this regard. True prides itself on ensuring the needs of every stakeholder affected by your Enterprise SEO strategy are addressed and reflected in the outcome. Marketing managers, content writers, developers, designers… our execution is not finalised until everyone is satisfied.

What is Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO (eSEO) is a large scale strategic approach to SEO for multipage websites with complex marketing goals. It can be an insanely powerful tool for long term growth.

What is involved in an Enterprise SEO Strategy?

First identify goals, then audit your site, build a 12 month plan, create better (or different) content, execute technical, offsite and onsite, then review, optimise & repeat.

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