How to measure radio advertising success.

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By Taylor

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It’s a common question we hear in the advertising world: “Is radio dead?” Well, to answer that, community radio alone reaches over 5 million Australians every week. So no, we wouldn’t say it’s dead.

True, it has never reclaimed its top spot since television graced our homes. But a radio advertising marketing strategy, when executed well, is still perfectly profitable. On this channel, brands enjoy the benefits of:

  • High reach potential
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Targeted audience segments
  • High return on ad spend (RoAS)

The main difficulty for marketers on this particular platform is measuring its success. With a number of True’s creatives having decades of experience in radio, we’ve honed in on the KPIs a radio advertising agency should be measuring.

“Community radio alone reaches over 5 million Australians every week”

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Website Traffic.

The most sought after objective in a radio advertising marketing strategy is reach. And if your creative is captivating enough, then your audience will want to know more about you. Throughout your campaign, monitoring your website traffic will help you evaluate if your radio advertising is effective.

Growth Hack:

Running a paid search campaign in conjunction with your radio campaign can give you better visibility of new traffic. Target keywords and write your ads similar to the language used in your radio placement to better attribute who’s come directly from that source.

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Brand Awareness.

The beauty of a radio advertising marketing strategy is that, unlike social media marketing or television advertising, frequency works in your favour. It’s said that hearing a radio ad three times is necessary to retain, internalise and take action.

This puts a heavy emphasis on making your ad memorable and worth listening to several times over. But with an increase in frequency, you can expect an uplift in brand awareness to follow. Conducting a survey before and after your campaign runs can indicate to any radio advertising agency whether it delivered on its marketing goals.

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Social Media.

Given the nature of radio in being able to reach anyone, anywhere, there are typically two mobile places engaged listeners will go to learn more about your brand: your website, or your social media accounts.

If you have an established social media presence, you can track the analytics of both the brand’s followers and its vanity metrics (likes, comments, shares). If you don’t have any social media content out in the world, we can help there.

To enhance the customer journey, creating content in theme with your radio advertisement will help create familiarity for new users and increase the likelihood of them staying in your brand’s ecosystem.

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Ooobviously, right? It’s the goal of any business ever. Well, hear us out. By conducting month-on-month analyses of your sales growth in tandem with your campaign, you can attribute its effectiveness.

For example, if you were a furniture company advertising a 40% discount promotion purely on radio, you’d then be able to distinguish how effective your radio advertising marketing strategy is.

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The Case Study.

Take our clients, Clarendon Homes for example. Pairing radio with display centre collateral, their Summer of Free promotion became their most successful promotion to date. This was a result of enticing listeners with a hard-to-refuse discount and using clever writing to create a memorable 30 second placement.

Thinking about taking the plunge into the airwaves, or strengthening your existing campaigns for a better return on investment? Talk to a True strategist here and let’s have a chat about your ambitions.

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