How to grow with an eCommerce consulting agency.

eCommerce is enjoying stratospheric growth both in Australia and across the globe. More consumers are purchasing more products and services from websites than ever before.

In fact, online shopping spend in Australia grew by 57% YoY in 2020. Online sellers who aren’t properly utilising this channel or seeking help from an eCommerce consulting agency for their marketing are missing out.

But, let’s just say you’ve made the executive decision to bolster your eCommerce marketing (great decision). Where do you even start? Don’t sweat it, that’s what we’re here for. Here are the key areas of focus that will accelerate the growth of your eCommerce strategy.

22% of all retail sales globally are forecasted to be online by 2023.
"Less than 1% of searchers go
past page 1."

eCommerce SEO.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is hands down one of the most important avenues for eCommerce growth. Why? Glad you asked.


With effective SEO, your website and product pages will rank higher, making your website more visible to potential customers. When shoppers can find you easily, they're more likely to click and convert.

Growth hack: Only 4% of businesses are capitalising on the product gallery section of ‘Google My Business’. Add your products to increase the speed at which consumers can purchase from your brand.

Free traffic.

An eCommerce SEO firm will use strategies that drive free, ongoing, high-converting traffic to your online store. These tactics include custom content creation to match search intent, link building to increase domain authority and strategic optimisation around keywords throughout your website.

The decision to buy.

Search engines are the #1 platform for consumers to research and explore products, no matter what point they’re at in the customer journey. In this respect, your website ranking absolutely matters.

Just in case further convincing is needed, less than 1% of searchers go past page 1. Yep. Think about all those potential sales. You don’t want to be in that page 2 abyss.

Excellent return on investment.

eCommerce SEO offers one of the highest ROIs out there. In fact, True has seen effective Enterprise SEO strategies yield up to a 200% ROI from companies that rank in the top 5 results. We’re telling you, it’s time to get in the know with SEO.

Don't underestimate the power of local SEO.
Unlock your next stage of growth with enterprise SEO.

eCommerce social media marketing.

For eCommerce businesses, social media marketing is vital. But successful eCommerce social media marketing doesn’t just happen by accident. It requires skill and insight to keep up with changes and trends.

Remember how we said search engines were the #1 platform for product research? Want to take a stab at #2? That’s right. HubSpot reports that in 2020, 42% of people used social media channels for product research.

This new relationship between social media and eCommerce has resulted in many brands generating more activity on their social media accounts than on their websites. An eCommerce consulting agency that is in tune with social media can help your business capitalise on this phenomenon.

Tips for eCommerce Instagram marketing.

Making the most out of Instagram marketing means paying attention to details. Here are 5 top tips from our social media team at True:

  • Engage your target audience with a variety of high-quality content on a consistent basis
  • Focus on building a community. Reserve the urge to sell until you’ve provided value to your audience
  • Share user-generated content. Social proof builds trust in your brand
  • Shopping tags are a must for any eCommerce company. Set up your catalogue and create another avenue for conversion
  • Optimise your brand name. Search is big on Instagram
Instagram is a fantastic platform to show off your product range in an aesthetic way.

Tips on Facebook marketing for eCommerce.

Facebook, at this point, is essentially a staple for an eCommerce business looking to grow. And for good reason. Here are True’s top tips that will grow any brand on Facebook:

  • Optimise all information and contact details on your Facebook business page. The more touchpoints, the better
  • Active community management on your Facebook posts will build trust from your consumers. It’s also a chance, when appropriate, to drive them to purchase
  • Special offers and giveaways are surefire ways to increase brand awareness, reach and engagement
  • Utilise customer-generated reviews. Some of the most popular posts on Facebook business pages are the reviews posted by users
Building your presence on social media will accelerate your eCommerce brand's growth.

eCommerce email marketing.

When done right, email marketing is far more effective than many businesses realise. Tracking users’ checkpoints in the customer journey and segmenting your messaging towards where they’re at in the marketing funnel can provide lucrative results.

In this respect, partnering with an email marketing agency for ecommerce could be a wise decision. These are the email marketing strategies we would suggest any eCommerce brand implement:

  • As well as funnel-specific messaging, tweaking copy to target different demographics creates a more personal experience with your consumer
  • Interactive elements such as GIFs will always make your emails stand out
  • Abandonment is not the end. Use this opportunity to send a follow-up email to increase your chance of conversion
  • The more value, the better. Don’t just send a grid of products to your contact list

Managing multiple agencies and/or freelancers for SEO, social media and email? That could be a nightmare. True Sydney is a full service integrated advertising agency that brings these capabilities all in one place. Growth is the goal, efficiency is how you get there. Talk to a True strategist today and let’s talk about how we can elevate your eCommerce marketing strategy.