Create an unstoppable marketing mix for gyms

The health and wellness industry is booming. The fitness industry market size, measured by revenue, is estimated at a massive $2.0bn in 2022. So, whether you’re a local gym or a chain of established fitness centres, having a strong marketing strategy for gyms in place will ensure customers are walking, skipping or – even better – running through your doors.

In your workout, you want to keep things fresh and exciting in order to stay motivated. You wouldn’t jump on the treadmill and run at the same pace, for the same time every day for the rest of your life without incorporating some weight training and stretching. Your marketing mix for gyms should be just as varied. It’s a multi-pronged approach that brings together website design, SEO, SEM, advertising and your all-important social media strategy.

"The fitness industry market size, measured by revenue, is estimated at a massive $2.0bn in 2022."
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The four Ps of marketing.

The first place to start in creating marketing strategies for gyms is to establish exactly what your fitness centre is. The target audience, the problem you’re solving and how you want to tell your authentic story.


What is the price of your membership, services or gym equipment? How does this compare to competing fitness centres in your area?


What is the service you’re offering? Yoga classes, PT, HIIT…or hula-hooping


Where is your gym located? This is going to be very important when producing standout content and keywords


How are you going to sell or promote your services in a unique and interesting way?

And that’s where a fitness digital marketing agency like True steps in. We break down the steps of how to bring your gym to life with marketing strategies for gyms. It’s the ‘marketing mix for gyms’; a combination of tactics to promote brand awareness, and in turn, gain new clients whilst retaining your long-standing members.

Go, Go, SEO

It’s amazing how many businesses we come across that aren’t optimising their keywords for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Your website might feature words like ‘gym’, ‘fitness’ and ‘strength’, but if someone searches those words in Google, are you going to be the first website that comes up? Or the 200th?

According to the AusPlay State of Play report, around one-third of the Australian population aged 15+ currently participate in fitness/gym. With high demand, you’re unlikely to have exclusivity in your town or city. When competition is fierce, we help you to get to the top of Google rankings and be the first website your potential weight-trainers, yogis and runners want to visit, by creating keywords both industry and location-oriented.

Once you have this, we can tackle your SEM strategy (Search Engine Marketing) which involves taking those all-important keywords and creating ads to further boost your presence on Google.

And there’s more…

If you’re looking to take your geo-marketing strategy for gyms to the next step, we also offer Programmatic partnerships which target your marketing campaigns to gender, age and, of course, that all-important location.

Strengthen your social

Perfect Gym reviewed over 100 fitness brands’ social media profiles and found that 82% of them post daily on either Facebook or Instagram. Social media marketing is a way to engage your audience, promote special offers and show customers what workouts are like at your fitness centre. Employing a fitness digital marketing agency, we’ll curate content that showcases your gym, engages with the social community and monitors those ever-evolving algorithms. You’ll keep your followers up-to-date on what’s happening and give them a sneak preview of your world.

Abs, arms and advertising.

People have a misconception that advertising is a pushy way to market. We disagree. When creating marketing strategies for gyms, advertising is a way of stopping your activewear enthusiast in their tracks. It’s a balance of crafting an authentic narrative that connects using human traits – like inspiration or humour – whilst weaving in unique selling points and a call to action. Your marketing mix for gyms could feature print ads, paid social media campaigns, SEM spend, or even a bus stop ad in your local town. And we’ve got the fitness industry experience to prove it. Organic growth will get you seen, advertising will make you unmissable.

Ready to take the first steps?

If you’re ready to add some serious gains to your member base, we’re the fitness digital marketing agency that can make it happen. Get in touch to learn more.