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Traditional advertising can be tricky business. With companies competing for exposure through ranging budgets and ad campaigns, placement can be hit-or-miss when it comes to results, with users often ignoring website and mobile ads altogether. You can find yourself wondering whether your marketing investment will pay off. But not anymore!

At True, we can help you take the guesswork and ‘luck’ out of the equation with mobile programmatic advertising.

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“This ‘auction’ process moves fast – taking less than a second for each impression.”

What is mobile programmatic, and how can you strategise with It?

If you’re new to Mobile Programmatic advertising, here’s a quick insight to get you started.

Mobile programmatic advertising relies on demand-side platforms (DSPs) and supply-side platforms (SSPs) to automate ad placement. Why is this system effective? The DSPs use vast amounts of data to target a marketer’s ads at specific viewers. The DSPs’ algorithms are able to figure out which users are most likely to respond to the ads based on data about their past actions. Basically, it tracks past results and consumer impressions to predict what they’ll respond to in the future.

DSPs then facilitate an auction for each impression. The result? A highly targeted ad with an equally high chance of a conversion.

SSPs handle the other side of the mobile programmatic buying process by automating the process that publishers use to fill their ad space and sell impressions on mobile platforms.

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Meet the mobile programmatic middleman.

In the middle of all this is an ad exchange, where the mobile programmatic buying and selling takes place. If you engage in mobile programmatic advertising, think of it as ‘bidding’ for each impression. If you’re able to use existing data on your target audience, where they engage their past actions, then you’re able to create an ad to reach the right audience and benefit from high conversion rates. Think of it as an online auction for advertising.

In mobile programmatic advertising, this ‘auction’ process moves fast – taking less than a second for each impression. Because of this rapid rate of exchange, getting started on the right foot is essential. That starts with your campaign strategy. If you’ve thought ahead about who your business is, what product/service you’re selling and what problem you’re solving for your consumer, you’ll know who you need to get your ad in front of. Once you have this, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the data-driven targeting that makes mobile programmatic advertising so effective. It also avoids bidding too much or too little and not getting the best possible return on your all-important advertising investment.

At True, we can help with the programmatic advertising campaign setup to ensure you’re in the best place for success. If you already have a digital marketing strategy, it could be the missing link.

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A strategy for success.

Effective Mobile programmatic buying and placement strategies ensure that your campaign targets the right audience – your desired consumers. Unlike other forms of marketing, these strategies do not focus on the creative aspects of the ads. Instead, the goal is to reach the audience that is most likely to take action when they see the ad (based on data about their past activity).

Here are simple tips to create a successful programmatic ad campaign:

Just like any form of marketing, you’ll want to start with the fundamentals. List your goals (impressions, conversions, sales), set benchmarks, create a budget, and define your target market.

As your target audience uses the web, their data will be updating; providing you more information to work from. It’s an ever-evolving platform, so you can adapt your ads accordingly. New information could lead your campaign in unexpected directions. If these changes prove more effective at helping your campaign reach benchmarks and goals, you need the planning and financial flexibility to embrace the new direction. At True, we have a team of experts who can help you develop flexible ad strategies.

Remember, mobile programmatic advertising means highly targeted ads. Start by providing as much detail as possible about your target audience. Get granular. You can use a data management application to segment your target markets using age, location, and specific mobile phone behaviours. In other words, you define the ideal audience member for each of your ads.

That’s where we come in. True can help you with every aspect of planning, perfecting, assessing, and adjusting your marketing campaign so you get the highest possible return on your investment.

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Get started with mobile programmatic advertising.

Mobile programmatic advertising is an essential part of any marketing plan. True can bring the expertise to develop a strategic, effective mobile programmatic advertising strategy. With a solid setup and practical strategies, you can reap the rewards of this cutting-edge form of digital marketing. Want to learn more? Get in touch with us.

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