Benefits of audio advertising worth talking about

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By Sophie Coldham

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Audio content is everywhere. Commuting, cooking, working, exercising — we’re a society that likes to be entertained through our earbuds. This listening time makes for huge advertising opportunities with the help of a digital marketing agency, like True.

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What is digital audio advertising?

Digital audio advertising can be your old-school (and highly effective) radio ad, or streaming services like Amazon audio advertising, Youtube or Spotify. With digital audio spending on the rise (projected to reach nearly $8 billion by 2025), audio is a marketing strategy you want to explore.

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Types of audio advertising:

Pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll ads, played before, during or after content; generally 15, 30 or 60 seconds in length. Ad structure varies depending on whether you’re designing for radio, music or podcasts. Aim for: 15-30 seconds for streaming music and radio, and 30-60 seconds for podcasts

Storytelling through a series of audio ads. A perfect partnership with a regular podcast series — great for gaining brand awareness over time.

We’re an impatient bunch; we want to get back to our favourite listening, fast. Grab attention with a strong call to action before there’s a time to skip. They’re a great strategy to work experimentally and gain insights into user listening habits.

Tune in to radio.

Radio ads are the OG form of audio advertising. But don’t cringe at the thought of cheesy jingles you used to hear on your morning commute. No, we’re talking about a sophisticated call to action, made for a wide audience. With Clarendon Homes, we combined charm, quirk and facts in a ‘Summer Of Free’ promotion, unmissable to potential buyers across New South Wales. Broad audience + geographical radius = radio advertising magic.

Radio is familiar. We all have a favourite host and immediately recognise their voice. Pick an equally distinctive voice for your radio advertising, so listeners hear the ad and associate it with your brand. For Nova, we leveraged the popularity of Fitzy, Wippa and Guy Sebastien to have both new and loyal listeners tuning in. We brought Nova’s ‘$100,000 Pick-the-Hit’ Promotion to life with two 30-second TVCs for Nova’s Sydney and Melbourne radio breakfast shows.

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"Digital audio advertising trends suggest that podcast ad revenue will exceed $2B by 2023."

Streaming success

Where radio takes a blanket approach, programmatic audio advertising gets granular. Select specific artists or podcast genres that align with your target audiences’ interests to direct your advertising spend. By the end of this year, it’s predicted that one in five audio ads will be programmatic.

Music and podcasts work differently. For music, you’ll pre-record an ad to be played between songs. With podcasts, it’s common to have the host read the advert out for you. The audience connects the host with your product, and you’ve got yourself an endorsement. We’ll complete in-depth audio advertising market research to find podcast hosts who align with your brand. 

Digital audio advertising trends suggest that podcast ad revenue will exceed $2B by 2023.

Growth Hack: Campaign VS Evergreen. What is your intent? Is your audio to promote a special offer, or is it a general promotion of the business? Evergreen content is general, to work for you now and in 6 months' time.

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Benefits of audio advertising.

Pick where your ads are played based on the location, age range, likes and listenings of your target audience.

Users have chosen the music, podcast or radio station your ad is playing on. That means they’re already highly engaged. Surveys show that 60% of podcast listeners purchased after listening to an audio ad. Why? Because the content is hyper-relevant to them.

Due to their targeted nature, audio ads generally provide a higher RIO than traditional radio advertising, plus they’re trackable. Your digital marketing agency, like True, will continuously review your listener’s experience — their skipping, listening and clicking — to evolve as their interests change.

No need for high-res brand imagery or long copy. Tell your story in a short, clear message. We’ll craft copy that entertains and educates, and pick a voice representative of your brand. Big brands and small businesses benefit from audio.

Ready to experience the benefits of audio advertising?

Digital audio advertising trends are constantly evolving. But the need for audio remains. With experience and capabilities in audio, visual, social marketing and more, get ready to experience the benefits of audio advertising with True.

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