Learn how SEO is changing the face of Medical Marketing.

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By Sophie Coldham

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People will forever need doctors, dentists and medical professionals. That’s a massive tick in having a never-ending customer pool, though it also makes for a saturated market of like minded professionals and hefty competition. Living in a digital age means everyone is a consumer — even patients. Throw a global pandemic into the mix and you’ve got a world of digital consumers like never before. 

According to Online Doctors, Google searches for “Telehealth” surged by 317% immediately after the pandemic was named a National Emergency in the U.S, Online Doctors shares.

Expectations around healthcare are high. Patients want not only top-notch medical care, but a standout consumer experience. They expect better communication, honesty, easy-to-use online features for paying bills and scheduling appointments, and minimal wait times. Patient care IS customer care.

With access to unlimited information online, it’s never been easier to search for medical practices in your local area. But what if patients can’t find you? That’s where a strong, targeted digital marketing strategy gets you seen. We’ll tell you how.

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“Accoding to Online Doctors, Google searches for “Telehealth” surged by 317% immediately after the pandemic was named a National Emergency in the the U.S.”

Why is SEO the way
to go?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a huge component of modern marketing – medical marketing is no exception. Search engines allow consumers to check if you tick their boxes, fast. By optimising your site with words, phrases, tags, links and relevant content that patients are likely to search, you can move up the ranks and in front of your future patients.

 We look at ‘how’, ‘why’ and ‘what’ they’re searching online, on which platforms. They might want to schedule an appointment, or research a health topic — both of these very different intentions in their search. We get granular on the specifics of your patient’s searches to create a carefully-considered, targeted SEO strategy to include tailored keywords to these needs and specific to your industry (primary care, pediatric, dentistry or digital marketing for medical devices). Your medical SEO strategy will benefit from more leads, greater ROI and improved ‘domain authority’ (how legit the search engine considers you). 

Local SEO is its own breed. A simple Google search for a local doctor can pull up thousands of results. A ‘Local Pack’ of top result will show a map, contact details and reviews of practices Google feels are ‘most relevant’ to the customers search. With HubSpot’s report that 88% of consumers who do a local search on their smartphone visit or call within a day, we’ll make sure you rank high. 

TIP: As most medical practices see patients face-to-face vs online, we suggest making SEO (and your Local Pack placement) a priority

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Masterful medical marketing

Although SEO is vital to a robust medical SEM (Search Engline Marketing) strategy, domain authority plays its part. You might be an O.G Osteopath but if you’re not creating thought-provoking and inspiring content for your audience then you’re missing out on critical exposure. Presentations, videos and infographics are a win-win to create value-added content for your audience AND build domain authority; the more they watch, the more Google backs your business.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok provide the ideal place to build your brand (and domain authority) and, you guessed it, your placement in search results. They’re a subtle way to pitch messaging to potential consumers as they scroll. As part of your medical digital marketing strategy, we’ll consider keywords and posting times — all these components working symbiotically towards your marketing goal.

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4 Tips for creating content.

1. Stay on brand.

As tempting as the fonts, animations and GIFs are, are they relevant to your business?

2. Add value.

Is the post educational, emotive, humours? What benefit is it offering the consumer?

3. Be authentic.

Don’t hide behind that medical mask!

4. Keep it short.

Accoding to AdAge, we only have 10 seconds to capture attention (or less!).

A True comprehensive medical digital marketing agency.

At True, we’ve been working with some of Australia’s biggest brands (including pharmaceuticals). If you’re ready to grow your practice with smart, strategic SEO services for doctors then contact us today. We’ll help your future patients find you, fast.

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